On-Site Training

We charge a flat rate for on-site training, and build all of our costs into that number. Most courses come with at least one book from O'Reilly Media, which we buy at a special author discount.

Our standard fee of $2,750 per course plus $3,750 per day includes:

Some situations may require extra work or higher costs. In these cases, we negotiate a surcharge with the customer. Common situations involving extra cost to us include:

We can provide discounts in some situations, including:

Please ask for details; classes are always fixed-bid, so you'll always know the cost up front, however.

Terms: 50% non-refundable deposit due 3 weeks prior to the course, with the balance due net-30 following the successful delivery.

Open Enrollment Classes

The price of open enrollment courses is set by the facility hosting the training. Although we work with the facility to set the price, we do not control the final retail price or the booking details.