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First things first

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Some semblance of a description

I'm busy writing this monthly column for Perl Journal magazine. They've agreed to let me put them online as soon as they've appeared in print.

Because I'm generally busy (or lazy), I simply ran the source files through the pod2html translator so that I could put them online here. It makes them ugly sometimes, but you'll just have to live with that for now until someone comes up with a better solution.

Table of contents

Watching log files (May 03) listing
Cleaning up your HTML (part 1) (Jun 03) listing
Cleaning up your HTML (part 2) (Jul 03) listing
Understanding object destructors (Aug 03)  
Safe CGI Death (Oct 03) listing
Free as in Music (Nov 03) listing
Blocking Spam with Postfix and Amavis (Dec 03)  
Evaluating short-circuited boolean Expressions (Jan 04)  
Watching a logfile in an IRC channel (Feb 04) listing
A better Data::Dumper (Mar 04) listing
Graphical interaction with POE and Tk (Apr 04) listing
Eight Million Ways to die (May 04)  
Hey use guys! Import this! (Jun 04)  
Cleaning up a symlink mess (Jul 04) listing