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This is Randal's book page, and a place to buy books.

Items I'm selling at Auction

From time to time, I sell items (including autographed copies of my books) through auctions. You should check there to see if any current auctions are in progress.

Books that I recommend highly

Here are some books that I recommend highly. If you follow the link, you'll be able to get it directly from as well as giving me a 15% kickback for recommending it.

Please note that I'm no longer maintaining this page.

Books I helped write

Just search below for Randal Schwartz.

Books I didn't write, and deserve a special reference

Recommending other books for me to recommend

If you know a book that I should put on this list, please figure out the ISBN number, and use the following form to simultaneously make me aware of it and let me still have my 15% kickback:


You can also go directly to or use the following form.

I get only a 5% kickback when you do that, though. So if you think it's a book I should also recommend, come back here once you have the ISBN number and use the form above instead, so I can get 15%.


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