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Our only full day at sea meant lots of class time in four tracks. The evening ended with both Rasmus (PHP) and Larry (Perl) giving Q-and-A sessions. Larry's first 95% of his Q-and-A were consumed by giving the same talk he'd done at CodeJam (at my suggestion), which is good because there were only 3 questions after that. {grin}

Later in the evening, I realizd I hadn't caught any of the onboard show entertainment, so I grabbed my Canon 20D and a 1 Gig card, enabled motor-drive and ISO 3200 mode, and snapped away at the show. The show was fair, with a good deal of costume changes for 45 minutes, but what I was really testing was the camera's autofocus and motor drive (five frames per second for 25 frames!). The pictures were shot through a clear plastic handrail, which shows up occasionally as vertical lines in the gap between sections. I was very impressed with my new 20D... in fact, I wrote a review about it at O'Reilly's Digital Media site.
Snapshots from October 04 Italian CodeJam and PerlWhirl4
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This drink was dubbed a "Schwartzian Transform" by my fellow cruisers. Notice the map-sort-map layers.