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These pictures are from the initial two-week leg of my trip as I was enroute to the cruise.

I spent a week in Buffalo, instructing the administrative and financial staff at SUNY Buffalo. The temperature never got above freezing, and many days I had to spend 20 minutes scraping my car for the five minute drive to work. I'm not sure how the locals put up with that.

I drove the rental car to Milford, stopping overnight in Albany, New York. The trip was pretty stressful in blizzard conditions.

I spent Superbowl Sunday at a large sports bar about ten miles from Foxboro, so I got a lot of local energy at the success of the Patriots. Then, after another very chilly week, I flew off to Ft. Lauderdale.
Snapshots from trip to Buffalo, Boston, and Photoshop Fling
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My car is in the middle. It took 20 minutes to scrape.