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In the morning, before we got to Nassua, I decided to get my "contest" image out of the way. I took one of the EBay mugs and found the spot in the mirror art where I could see the mug and not the camera.

I then found another mirror location, which was little tiles instead of vertical stripes. By accident, I lowered the camera to my chest to try to get the camera out of the shot, and flashed myself in the face. But this turned out to be cool, so after another 60 shots, I found a few where the focus and light all came together, and got my really cool Halloween shot and contest entry!

Neil and I wandered ashore to get a great meal a little way off the most beaten path. I followed that up by wandering over to the Pirates of Nassau Tourist Trap, where I sat for two hours chatting with the bartender and drinking Captain Morgan and Coke before leaving.

In the evening, our contest pictures were judged, and I won in my division for my spooky-pic!
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