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Again, with no shore excursions planned (since shore hours are the only time I get to relax on a Geek Cruise), Josh hooks up with me and we walk ashore just to see what's nearby.

As we're pulling away from the dock, we get our traditional group photo.

In the evening, Wil Wheaton gave a dramatic reading from his new book, Dancing Barefoot. I then follow him so I can crash the Star Trek wrap-up party to see him read some more.

Next was the final geekcruise wrap-up dinner, which I missed because I was at the Star Trek party, so Anne and Wil invited me to sit with them at the Star Trek wrap-up dinner, and we have a nice chat.

Everyone disappears to go pack, but then reappears at the Karaoke Bar and the Disco for their final chance to spend money on overpriced drinks.
Snapshots from PerlWhirl 2003, MacMania 2, and a Star Trek Cruise
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