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I wrote my "Unix for Mac Geeks" course in a hurry the night before, and presented it to the group on the final day of the conference for the first three hours. I also reminded myself of the phrase "never demo with live data" through a rather embarassing disclosure of some dubious filenames during my lecture. I don't think I've ever been that red before. Thankfully, I have no pictures of that, although I bet some others do.

John de Lancie added a presentation of the Devil and Daniel Webster to the program, for kids. I snuck in to see the last half, after my class was over.

The rest of the day was spent by most in seminars, although I was wiped out and slept for a while, having gotten far too little sleep thanks to a timezone change in the wrong direction, and the standard partying in the Crows Nest the night before.

The end of the day brought us to the Speakers Q&A and final conference wrapup, where next year's Mac/Perl/Trek cruise was announced! Destination: Hawaii! Neil announced that as "Well, it's settled! We're going to Hawaii!" to which I replied "OK, that means turn right instead of left when we get to the south end of Vancouver Island?". Good chuckles from the audience, but maybe you had to be there to really get it.
Snapshots from the May 02 MacMania GeekCruise
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