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In the morning, we started with "Speaker Pictures", where many of the attendees could opt to have a picture taken with the speakers. Then, a panel spoke on the future of Mac software.

We were docked in Ketchikan mid-day, where I walked around the town a bit, and had lunch and drinks.

In the evening, we were treated to a variety show. The show started off with Will playing 4 original songs including 2 he had just written on the ship, who was then followed by a gentleman whose name I didn't get. John de Lancie did a short humor piece from an aborted Macworld column, on the subject of why we chose macs (to become pirates!). This was followed by speaker David Pogue's hour-long "history of Apple as told through parody music and small magic tricks", to which the crowd responded quite warmly.
Snapshots from the May 02 MacMania GeekCruise
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Me and Emily, after a long night in the Crows Nest.