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Ahh, what can I write about Half Moon Cay that I haven't already said. Beautiful beach with sand so fine it oozes up between your toes like wet flour. Clear blue water. And "Bahama Mama" drinks charged right to your room from the beachside bar.

After tearing myself away from the beach, I attended the final session of the conference from Jason Hunter, talking about JDOM.

The final wine-and-cheese party (added at my request a few cruises ago) gave Captain Neil a chance to recognize the events of the week. We saw a videotape of how one of the guests won the "Sexiest Geek" title, and heard her recite Pi to 50 digits. Cool. One of the other guests sat at the piano and played some great tunes for about 20 minutes.

The final dinnertime was a bit sad for me, because it always means the cruise is coming to an end. As with the final Crows Nest experience, which turned out to be pretty dead this time. But all good things must end, I'm told.
Snapshots from the Nov 01 JavaJam2 Geek Cruise
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