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Another sea day means another full conference day. I opted out of the seminars once again (except to sample them) and joined in to the "Kitchen Tour". Which was really just a "run through the Kitchen" without any comments or questions answered! We should get fitness points for that! I'm told this is different from previous Kitchen Tours, so maybe it was just a bad day for them.

Later, I attended the Mariners Recognition event, to celebrate my 52 days (so far) at sea. Some people there had 700 days. I hope they just give them the boat after that.

I gave a Q-n-A session on Perl (what a heretic I am!) after that, which became a "what's new in Perl 6" talk after someone asked about it. And it was Formal Night again, although this time I had on a real rented tux, and the usual Crows Nest activity ensued.
Snapshots from the Nov 01 JavaJam2 Geek Cruise
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