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This was my first visit to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. They gave us special warnings in the daily program about using extra detectors and drug-sniffing dogs at this port. Just passing that along because I hadn't seen that before.

I got off the ship shortly after it docked to find an Internet cafe. For about 15 cents a minute, I was using an Orange iMac on a not-too-bad net connection to catch up with four days worth of email.

When I returned, Captain Neil got together the "shore party" to visit Dunns River Falls, which was a $5 cab ride from the boat, then another $5 to get in, then another $5 to rent sticky shoes, but well worth it. It takes about an hour to climb up the falls, and it was wonderful! This is something that could never operate in the US without having everyone wear harnesses and helmets, which would have spoiled most of the fun. We got a few cuts and bruises, but did well overall.

After we returned, it was time to take the group picture, and for Captain Neil and me to practice our Rock-n-Rolldies act a bit more. The conference program continued with a Speaker Q-n-A, and then we performed in the show that evening. My trip to the Crows Nest showed little activity (maybe the day's events wore everyone out), but I was told it got hopping a bit later. Durn.
Snapshots from the Nov 01 JavaJam2 Geek Cruise
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