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Ahh, Cozumel. Home of Carlos and Charlies, where I had lost many brain and liver cells on a previous Geek Cruise. Except that we were arriving at 7am, and leaving at 2pm! What were they thinking when they made that schedule!?

An ambulance greeted us at the dock: I'm told that one of the passengers didn't make it, and that this is typical (one death per cruise-week). Sad.

After repeated calls to Cindy and Edith's room to get them to the gangplank, we finally headed into town around 11am, but quickly made up for lost drinking time. Yes, those fuzzy pictures are me shooting a two-beer "beer bong", consuming some 30-ish ounces of beer in 3 seconds. Murray gave the shirt off his back for a free margarita, and much fun was had by all.

When we got back, Captain Neil and I had volunteered for the Rock-n-Roldies show, so we had a rehearsal in the Crows Nest. After dinner, the usual Crows Nest frolicking continued.
Snapshots from the Nov 01 JavaJam2 Geek Cruise
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