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The first sea day is also a full conference day. I sat in a bit of a few sessions, even though Java really isn't my thing. Cindy Mann held a gab session for the non-conference attendees, so I crashed that, and was able to give advice from my prior six cruises.

Nirva gave a "guru session" talk in the early evening, and talked about the databases being used by the Hurricane Center where she works.

It was "formal night" in the dining room. I finessed by using one of Neil's bizarre coats and cumberbun and bow tie, but I snapped some of the other geeks trying on formalwear.

We hit the Piano Bar, where we got to see some traditional songs muddled through, badly enough that Neil convinced the guy to let me sing instead. I had spent the previous night yelling, but I managed to belt out a rowdy New York, New York in any case, which brought the house to applause. After that, it's dancing in the Crows Nest until the cows swim home. If I recall correctly, that's the night Neil was buying blue drinks for everyone, and came back to the cabin rather blue-faced himself.
Snapshots from the Nov 01 JavaJam2 Geek Cruise
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