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These are snapshots from my two week trip (between Linux Lunacy and Java Jam 2) to Nashville and Ft Lauderdale.

In Nashville, I spoke to the Nashville Linux Users Group for an hour about nearly nothing. Afterward, we went to Flying Saucer in Nashville, and I drank beer from Seattle to help cure some of my homesickness. The next day, I ate a hamburger at one of the places Jimmy Buffet apparently approves of for "Cheeseburgers in Paradise", Rotiers. The following night, I partied on a Halloween pub crawl, and although I have pictures, I don't remember it very well.

In Ft Lauderdale, I gave a similar talk about nothing to the Ft Lauderdale Linux Users Group (who don't seem to have a web page that Google can find), and they bought me dinner.
Snapshots from trips in 2001
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