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These are pictures from my August 01 trip to New York City, the time of year when it's easy to play "name that smell" as you walk down the Manhattan streets.

I taught during the week at a large Wall Street Firm, but had the prior Sunday free to hang out with my friends Dave and Erica and Schwern to see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

I also managed to attend a social meeting of the New York Perl Mongers, and a get-together of my friends Adam and Pam (and their friends), and an evening of sushi and comedy with my friend Amelia. But the city that never sleeps tends to wear me out, so I'm glad the week is over!

Images that are of the form DSCNnnnn.JPG are "raw" images nearly straight from my camera, having only been auto-leveled and scaled 50%. Eventually, I hope to edit these in my normal manner, but I'm running a bit behind. Some pictures of this set are probably throw-aways or need rotating. But at least they're uploaded. {grin}
Snapshots from trips in 2001
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