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These are my snapshots from my first trip "down under" for the 2001 SAGE-AU conference in Adelaide, as well as a brief stop in Sydney to give a talk to the Sydney Perl Mongers.

Sadly, I managed to break the screen of my nearly brand-new Titanium Powerbook just as I started the week in Adelaide, so I couldn't upload any more pictures to it, and therefore stopped taking pictures.

Images that are of the form DSCNnnnn.JPG are "raw" images nearly straight from my camera, having only been auto-leveled and scaled 50%. Eventually, I hope to edit these in my normal manner, but I'm running a bit behind. Some pictures of this set are probably throw-aways or need rotating. But at least they're uploaded. {grin}
Snapshots from trips in 2001
The 1-los-angeles directory
The 2-sydney directory
The 3-adelaide directory