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Most-recently modified on 15:38:24 17-May-2002.
These are snapshots from my trip to San Diego, scouting locations for my blowout party at the Perl Conference. Most of the images seem to be of my trip to Mexico at the end of the scouting trip, including the "donkey ass pinata" that my buddy Bill was required to bring back for his family. I can't believe we actually got that thing into carry-on in first class.

We also stopped by the Hooters of San Diego to have the traditional beer and hot wings and smiles. Note the Hooters girls who are wearing the Stonehenge-branded T-shirts. Cool.

Images that are of the form DSCNnnnn.JPG are "raw" images nearly straight from my camera, having only been auto-leveled and scaled 50%. Eventually, I hope to edit these in my normal manner, but I'm running a bit behind. Some pictures of this set are probably throw-aways or need rotating. But at least they're uploaded. {grin}
Snapshots from trips in 2001
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