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After the excruciatingly long wait to clear US Customs when we docked, we started the Key West Pub Crawl.

Our first stop was the Ernest Hemingway home. It was fun touring the place, seeing the multi-toed cats, and hearing the stories from a guide who looked like he could be a relative (but almost certainly wasn't). The guide was impressed that I had exchanged birthday cards with my "twin sister" Mariel Hemingway, whom I now get to write about having visited her grandpappy's place.

After that, we hit the Green Parrot bar, where we had the first, second (and perhaps third) of many pre-paid drinks.

A short walk later (which seemed forever) led us to the famous Key West Margaritaville, where we grabbed some lunch. I, of course, had a Cheeseburger in Paradise, because I just had to.

The next stop was a view stop... the famous Top Lounge, apparently the tallest building in Key West, from which our ninth-story view let us see all four corners of the 2 mile by 4 mile island.

Quickly back in pursuit of maximizing our pre-paid alchohol dollar, we wandered up the street to the Bull and Whistle where we sat and had a few more rounds while sitting on the second story balcony, and for curiousity's sake, I wandered up briefly to the Garden of Eden, the third floor clothing-optional bar. I was very glad nobody there had chosen to take advantage of the offer.

Just a few steps way, we made an attempt to fit the 15 of us into Sloppy Joe's bar, a place where Ernest Papa Hemingway spent many afternoons. (On that last link, I saved you the trouble of going to their annoying splash page. Why do so-called web-desginers seem to be of one mind about providing a page that we always ignore? Bleh!) However, the place was packed, so we left quickly.

We wandered (staggered?) across the street to the original location of Sloppy Joe's, now called Capt. Tony's, a dark place with business cards and bras stapled to the ceiling.

Two or three more drinks there, and we were off again, now staggering down to the waterfront to a bar on the pier, at which point both Bill and Captain Neil decided to jump into the water right off the bar rail. When they realized they were working against the tide, they quickly swam under the pier and came up on the otherside.

In all, a memorable experience, except for the parts that I now no longer remember.
Friday - Key West - Pub Crawl
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