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Well, this was a busy day. Early in the day, I attended a seminar by Ian Darwin on Java's regular expressions, and then we came to Mexico, first approaching at Playa Del Carmen, where I got off for my Chichen Itza adventure. Then the ship crossed over to the Cozumel island, which I caught up with later in the evening.

Bill hung out on the beach during the day, meeting up with some women who were doing body shots on the beach, and then saw some dolphins.

The big party was at Carlos and Charlies in Cozumel, where I've never seen so much alcohol, sweaty people, and fun times under one roof. The entire crew hits this spot as often as possible, and apparently 5 crew members didn't make it back to the ship by our 11:30pm departure (and this is typical!).
Snapshots from Oct/Nov 00 trip to San Francisco and Caribbean
Snapshots from Chichen Itza Adventure
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