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Mid-day, I left the Ryndam on a small shuttle boat which took us to the shore at Playa del Carmen, while the ship went across the channel to Cozumel where I would reconnect that evening.

After walking a few blocks through town, we came to the Playa del Carmen airstrip, waited about 20 minutes for the plane to arrive, then boarded for the half hour flight to Chichen Itza International Airport, which looked way too new, way too expensive, and way too empty. Perhaps it was that way only in the day. Those looked like gun turrets on the control tower, and those dirt roads leading away from the fence seemed well used.

After leaving the great airport in the middle of nowhere, we rode a bus to "Mayaland" (I'm not making this up), which seemed to be an extremely touristy hotel adjacent to a parking lot for 25 buses. After another half hour staging wait, we headed out with our Mayan guide.

The 90 minutes with our guide was awesome. And the 90 minutes I had on my own to explore was not nearly enough; I could spend three days here and still not see everything.

We then reversed the procedure, bus to the airport, plane to Cozumel directly, then a cab to join the rest of the group at Carlos and Charlies.
Wednesday - Cozumel - Chichen Itza - Dolphins - Carlos and Charlies
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