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Sunday was the first destination, a little private resort called Half Moon Cay, which according to my GPS was at 24 degrees 34.5754 minutes north latitude by 75 degrees 57.8251 miinutes west longitude. As soon as I figure out how to MapBlast that, we'll see a picture.

The place seemed incredibly beautiful, but knowing that the huts were all artificial and the "natives" merely crew from our ship who went over early made it seem a bit Disney-esque to me, in the tacky sort of way.

The evening was a formal night, so dinner was a dressy thing. I attended the Copacabana show in the lounge, which wasn't half bad, but the real party apparently happened in the Crow's Nest after I slept, so it's a good thing Bill captured it on digi-film.
Snapshots from Oct/Nov 00 trip to San Francisco and Caribbean
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